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Strawbale with Solar Oven

Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR


Fall Internship
Building local food networks, and the 100 Mile Diet

Sept. 1 – October 13

Learn to create a local food economy through the gathering and cultivation of food, forest, and fuel crops produced within 100 miles of the Aprovecho campus.

All of our programs combine lecture and discussion formats with practical, hands-on activities. We encourage a holistic understanding of each subject area that is grounded in specific experiences and enhanced by the broader intellectual perspectives available in our diverse learning environment.

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Video: Building a Rocket Stove

Video: How to Build an Insitutional Barrel Stove

Video: Shell Foundation- Breathing Space India

Video: “Rocket Science”

Video: Charcoal burning Rocket stove

Instructional Video: Building a VITA Stove


Ann Dornfeld’s (KLCC/NPR) report on
Cleaner Burning Cook Stoves

Download Publications

Design Principles for Wood Burning Cook Stoves
This manual covers the principles of Heat Transfer and Combustion Efficiency

Link: Cookstoves in Uttaranchal