Cleantech and Green Business for Obama

Clean Technology for Obama is now.

Green Products

Bonded Logic uses recycled jeans to create insulation.

Bonded Logic Inhabitat

Nature’s Carpet

Eco Rock is cleaner, greener drywall.

Bamboo Floors

Organic Lifestyle‘s bamboo floors.

Euroslate is made from recycled tires!

EuroSlate/EuroShake’s™rubber roof system is designed to be walked on without any restrictions, and its advanced cubical structure enhances insulation performance.

* Maintenance free
* Impact resistant
* Will never rust, split, crack or show other surface wear
* Lightweight (under 4 lbs. per sq. ft.)
* Energy Efficient
* Indestructible – there is no other product that will take wear and tear like Euroslate™

GreenSpace Homes and Cottages: Canadian building supplies.

Top 10 Natural Building Materials

Australia’s Green Design: Ecopolis


Ecopolis Architects


Pattern Design

Solar and Wind Power

Green Energy Resources:

Green Mountain
Be Green
Green Mountain Energy

Sustainable Waves
Sustainable Waves
specializes in sustainable energy solutions for the entertainment industry.

Are Cars Sustainable?

How can we wean ourselves into a better way to move?

Brazil had a federal mandate: We are going to make the switch. They went into a 5 year recession.
sugar ethanol

Zenn Car Zero emmission no noise:


for families

for those of you with $$$bank

Motorcycle engine with a roof for two

Honda FCX Clarity


Daniel Dingle’s Project

Japan Has a Water Powered Car

Here are Ford’s latest designs.
What do you think?
Ford’s Fuel Cells

Pacifica Radio

Flying Green – Jet Style

If you have to airplane fly, use this to offset your carbon:

offset carbon


At Arcosanti, they say: If we all took an airplane trip, the Ozone Layer would be gone.
How can we continue to fly, sustainably?

1. fly less
2. fly green:

Green Flight

Offset my flight:

Green My Flight

Offset and Calculate your Carbon:
Flight Center


Clean Travel
Green Transportation

Epic 2008 Vancouver BC

Epic Expo
Epic is a sustainable living expo held in Vancouver every spring.

Find out how to green your life!

ideal bite
can help in the meantime!

These are some of the resources I found there:
Green Office Supplies
Green Printing in Vancouver and Richmond, BC
Organic Coffee Fair Trade, Saanichton, BC
Canada’s Seafood Guide

Green Design runs through all of our systems, designs and chioces.
see Planet108.

Epic is a part of the larger Globe Foundation
Epic Sustainable Living Expo

Epic on Facebook

Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center

These are some friends of mine from Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s Urban Labroatory.

They have internships for May and June as well as Volunteer days, and one and two day intensives.

Welcome to ShinyMarble

ShinyMarble is having it’s birth-day. This is day 1.

Here is a few links to get started:
This Poster is a reproduction of the presentation panel seen on the Arcosanti Tour. The panel was originally commissioned for a Japanese consortium on future urban architecture.